Speaking and Writing


Why Running a Half Marathon Eased My Anxiety More Than Therapy. Positively Positive. (2017)


“Bottling the Sauce and Providing the Recipe”: Developing a Toolkit for a Successful Nutrition Education Program. MBA Capstone, American Jewish University, Los Angeles, CA. (2016)


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“Nice Ink, Man”: A Biocultural, Mixed Methods Approach to Tattooing as Costly Honest Signaling Among Southern Women. Master’s thesis, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL. (2015)


I was an Episcopal Peace Fellowship Young Adult Delegate to the 2015 Episcopal Church’s General Convention. I wrote four reflections on the experience:

Notes on Day 1

There Is Still Work To Do

A091: Affirm Work for Food Ministries and Food Security

A096: Affirm Relationship-Based Social Justice


As an Episcopal Urban Intern in Los Angeles, I was required to write occasional blog posts. They included:

EUIP Alumni: We Are Who You Tell Us We Are.

Risking Love.

My Spiritual Map of My Year of Service.

Finding Christ Through Community.



Reflections on Solidarity, Privilege and National Advocacy Weekend. National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health’s Blog, Nuestra Vida, Nuestra Voz. (2013)


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“Performances of Power: Crossing the Boundary between American Football and Neo-Burlesque” Second Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, April 11 (2011) (Fourth Place for Oral Presentation)